"Thank you to the Doug Morse team for both the selling of our old home and finding  a new home.

Making the decision to downsize after the kids leave the nest is a tough one.  In our case it was a doubly difficult decision after having endured a not so pleasant buying experience with a second home on the coast.  Finding that home was an easy and enjoyable process, getting the realtors, ours and theirs to do what they said they would do in a timely manner was a difficult process.

Selecting the Doug Morse group here was a hopeful - but show me experience,  after all we were still fresh from the coast experience. In the beginning Doug made some recommendations which I think made the difference.  Once an offer came in and we accepted the work began. If your home is like ours was (older) it came with multiple requests for repairs. Someone has to find various professional repair people.  Easy right, try it! Thanks to Doug’s team, Shannon, Amy and Blake that got done, starting immediately. All the while our old house was in Escrow another member of Doug’s team, Cindy, helped find us our present home.  The whole process went like clockwork, they did their job - with enthusiasm.

In our coastal experience the realtors themselves did the work, or lack thereof as their schedule allowed.  Sorry, not acceptable, this process needs to be done in a timely sequence. Their priority was the sale, our priority was knowing the details were being taken care of. We can’t overemphasis the value of having a team where someone is always on the job, having experienced the alternative when things need to be done quickly there is no better substitute for a team available 24/7.  The Doug Morse team provided us that.

Thanks again Doug, Cindy, Shannon, Amy and Blake."

- Mike and Patty Benton



“Great folks! I was out of state when the fires were closing in on our property near Jacksonville last summer. The Doug Morse Group helped me stay informed... I couldn't have done it without them. The fire season made it an especially tough sale, but they got the job done. You won't find a better real estate team in southern Oregon!”


- Carol Planchon



"We have bought and sold several homes and this is by far the best experience. Great communication, very personable and fast to sell our property. Buying and selling our homes went smooth because of their vast knowledge in the real estate field and the ability to break down some of the complicated terms for us. Have already recommended them to friends and family. Great people!"


- Wanda Giuntini


"We have worked with Doug and his Group a number of times to both sell and purchase property. They are excellent to work with, available and willing to help anytime. If you are ready to sell and/or buy call Doug."


- Hubert Mapes


"Choosing the Doug Morse Group with the sale of our house what a great decision!"


- Glenn and Michelle J.


"Doug Morse with John L. Scott of Medford Oregon, was a great Realtor as well as friend to my husband and I. Our property had been on the market for along time prior with another Real Estate Company and when we changed to Doug he promised us that we would not be disappointed and with saying that we were not. He took it and ran with it and had it sold in just a few short months. Thank you Doug and John L. Scott."


- Byron and Kathy


"A huge thank you to Amy Alvarez on Doug Morse's team for helping us purchase our first home. She was extremely knowledgeable and always available to answer all my questions. We could not have done it so quickly without you. Highly recommended! Thank you!"


- Chrissy Shepard


"Doug Morse has an amazing team. He's a stand up guy. One of my favorites."


- Tami Leilani Mora


"Cindy Williams has represented our purchases and sales and is an exceptional representative being professional and highly competent. On top of that is a wonderful personality with an energy and insight to get things done. We respect her highly."


- William Buntin


"The best realtor I’ve ever known. Most of all, he’s a great person."


- Steve Gall


"Doug, his family, and his team, are all AMAZING people! Down to earth, humble, appreciative, and so helpful. They're always happy and positive. I always love seeing all of them!"


- Tiffiny Thomas-Hurley


"Did an amazing job selling our house. He has a great team of professionals working along side him too!"


- Scott Kelly


"Truly a wonderful staff! Doug, Cindy, Amy, Shannon, Jim- the entire team is excellent! Helpful, knowledgeable, and willing to work for you!"


- Michelle Johannes


"Doug Morse the Realtor agent is one of the kindest man I have ever met. Doug is a great business man who has a passion for his work. Doug Morse is the only Real estate agent in this valley that I would give five stars to he deserves ten stars."


- Radonna Venable


"Doug Morse and his wonderful team, Amy, Leah, Cindy and Blake assisted us is selling our home. They are thoughtful, professional and conscientious. We would highly recommend Doug and his team of professionals in either selling or buying a home. They have the integrity and knowledge to get the job done right!"


- Terry Johnson


"Doug Morse really cares about people!! He is a master of what he does!!!"


- Mary T Hennings


"After the passing of my mother, life was chaotic as you could only imagine especially when it came time to sell my mom's home. Doug Morse came highly recommended by a mutual acquaintance and I was not disappointed. Doug was very helpful and acknowledged all of my concerns. He was always available whether it was himself or his team. He is very kind, insightful and knowledgeable. He knows what it takes to get a house sold. I could not be any happier with his service. When it comes time to buy a home, I am putting my trust and faith in Doug. He is OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!!!!"


- Paula Guenther



"The Doug Morse Group is excellent! They go above and beyond in all areas from start to finish. We accepted an offer on our home on Christmas Eve with a 10-day close request, a rent back situation and other small details. They worked throughout the holiday week to ensure we closed on time and  received the best outcome in all areas of the transaction. We couldn't be happier with Cindy, Doug, Amy, Shannon, Jim and Blake. Thank you team!"


04/25/2019 Zillow - michelle johannes


"First off, I have been involved in quite a few real estate transactions in my 80 plus years . But I must say, I have never seen a crew like this one ! They practice the best teamwork I have ever seen ! Everyone knows what is going on with each property, which always amazed me. When I called with a  question, I got answers !! They have sold 2 homes for me this year. I would recommend Doug and his office to anyone ! In fact, they just sold my son's home, and just listed another family member's home, that is how much faith I have in Doug, and his crew. I always felt as though I was talking to old friends . And I do consider each one of them ..my friend !! Amy, Shannon, Cindy, and of course..Doug!"


11/24/2018 Zillow - sjr1629


"The Doug Morse Group recently listed and quickly sold my home. I worked with Cindy Williams, who was so "on top" of every detail of the process and such a joy to work with. I also appreciated so much her quick responses to my questions, as well as that of fellow awesome team members, Amy and  Shannon who were always so willing to help."


11/21/2018 Zillow - cpjeanne


"Having just combed through a few previous reviews I can attest, as others have, to the following: The Doug Morse Group is successful as they function at a far higher level than other teams. Our initial encounter was through Cindy and instantly breathed a sigh of relief. So pleasant, gracious  really. I cannot recall how many properties we viewed but it took months to find the home and Cindy was there the entire time. Although it may seem that Cindy is capable of being in two places at the same time; she cannot which brings us to other members of the team. Shannon contributed as did Amy regularly. This is a long way to say that our transaction was smooth which is what you'd like as an out of state buyer. Fantastic communication and a selfless team. Stay blessed as you are a blessing. You've each earned the highest marks available. Well done my esteemed and trusted counselors."


10/29/2018 Zillow - User in Central Point, OR


"Doug Morse and his team are top notch! They helped us so much while our house was on the market. We lived out of state while selling our property in Southern Oregon and this team; Doug Morse, Cindy Williams and Blake Morse (I'm sure there are more behind the scenes but these individuals went  above and beyond in our opinions) helped us every step of the way! They gave us staging advice, kept an eye on the place and reported to us when they noticed any issues. Cindy met with our former landscapers to resolve some issues for us and when the city notified us of a water leak on the property (sprinkler valve) Blake, helped us quickly get that taken care of. We cannot recommend them highly enough and don't know what we would have done without them! This group really goes all out to sell your property, they are kind, professional and provide exceptional customer service!"


08/22/2017 Zillow - zuser20170206135704045


"My husband and I worked with Cindy Williams and the Doug Morse team. They helped find our first home, sell that first home QUICKLY and find our second home. Cindy is the most patient, diligent person, and this is the only office we will work with. Cindy is respectful,professional, and will treat  you like family. My husband is very demanding and she truly works for her clients to meet their needs. She was also able give input and connect us with the lender we used! she is extremely knowledgeable and quick to get back to you with any questions you might have! We appreciate Cindy and the whole Doug Morse team, and how hard they work!"


08/16/2017 Zillow - beccajberman


"We sold our Eagle Point home in Spring of 2017 with the invaluable assistance of Doug Morse and his team. We live out of state so we're very dependent on our realtor to have our backs throughout the entire process. Doug's team never let us down, they were a blessing the whole way through."


08/12/2017  Zillow - norskee1


"Best decision ever was to go with Doug Morse and his team! Not enough kind, wonderful words could be said about his team member Cindy Williams! If you are looking to buy or sell she is the woman to help you! We had been looking for a year with no luck, then we found Cindy! She was able to help get  our dream home so that my family could make the big move and we could not be happier! She was always available at a moments notice, always quick to respond to any questions and so so nice! She made extra sure we had all information before I even knew what was needed, simply AMAZING! I feel as if she was more than a realtor, I feel as if we made a friend."


08/11/2017 Zillow - Lila S


"Our entire experience with Doug Morse and his team was absolutely great from start to finish. We initially bought a property through Doug and subsequently gave him the listing to sell our home in Ashland. As the broker who represented us in both transactions, we can honestly say he and his team  were fantastic. They all were attentive to our needs and were prompt in answering any questions and provided solutions to any problem we may have had. If we ever want to buy or sell another house we would absolutely go with Doug Morse and his team again. Additionally, the John L. Scott realty network in the Rogue Valley is vast and connected and the symbiotic relationship that exists between all the brokers only added to the experience and certainly helped to sell our Ashland home."


05/24/2017 Zillow - msulmurphy


"Cindy is charming and it was a pleasure to meet her. I enjoyed my time with her viewing two homes recently in East Medford. It was extremely pleasant to not feel rushed as we viewed the homes. To have someone who is passionate about their work is priceless. I appreciated Cindy sharing ideas  with me and would highly recommend her."


03/02/2017  Zillow - user5951941


"Doug Morse was an absolute pleasure to work with! We have not met a more patient and hard working real estate agent! He and his associates have been extremely helpful and kind through the whole process. They have been available at a moments notice and have been willing to stick with us through our  long search. Their years of knowledge and experience helped us navigate through the complex process of buying our first home. Not only have they earned our repeat business and we are looking forward to doing business with them in the future!"


11/17/2016 Zillow - cw buck 3


"My family and I just recently moved to Oregon from CA and we were looking for a realtor when I stumbled across the Doug Morse group and in particular Cindy Williams. We were coming in for a 2 day whirlwind visit and hoped to see 10 - 12 houses. Cindy spent her entire weekend with us while she was  sick as a dog and helped us find our dream home. The negotiations on our home were tough, but the knowledge of the local market and persistence paid off even when we were the lower of the two offers. Unfortunately, our home in CA took far longer than anyone could have imagined as it fell out of escrow 4 times. Doug and his team never wavered, constantly checking in with us to offer assistance and in the end, when the close of escrow dates were slipping, Doug and Cindy rushed into save the day. In all, it took close to 4 months for us to close on the home, but it was worth every penny and minute for us. Thank you again Doug and Cindy, we wouldn't be where we are today without you!"


10/31/2016 Zillow - user71532286


"I really don't believe in surveys or reviews. My thinking is, if the company is good enough they should know it without their customers telling them so. In this case though, I want everyone to know what our experience was like in dealing with John L Scott, Doug Morse. He was incredible. We will  recommend his name to anyone that ask. And we will do it with the utmost honor. Doug was out of town for a quick vacation and his team stepped in and just handled all of our needs. Doug has put together a group of people who go out of their way to accommodate any needs one of Doug's clients has. Down to the last tiniest detail. Doug is the type of man when he enters a room their is a glow he brings into that room and it stays the entire time he is present. I admire his honesty when working with us regarding what to do to make our house more attractive to a buyer and his honesty about the entire process of selling our home. I would give Doug a five star rating and we would give his team a 5 star rating. It was a very satisfying experience working with Doug and his team."


10/15/2016 Zillow - vkriss0920


"Doug and his team sold my house in, Medford, OR. I live in Reno, NV, so they were in charge of everything. They always let me know what was happening with the property, weeds, pool not clean, etc, so I could get my worker to make the place look better. They have always been  wonderful to me. Doug has always been superior also!!! I would recommend they to everyone."


09/23/2016 Zillow - jahennings


"Doug leads a fantastic team. They understand the southern Oregon market and are able to quickly work to broker successful deals. They helped us navigate several offers to determine which would be best and be most likely to close successfully. They have a deep knowledge of rural property which  helped us as the sellers negotiate with potential buyers. They helped make the transaction as smooth as possible."


09/22/2016 Zillow - gkschultz1


"We just sold a home in Jacksonville and purchased a new home in Jacksonville! Doug and his team, Amy, Leah and Cindy "held our hands" all through both negotiations. Seriously couldn't imagine buying nor selling without this group of professionals! Their knowledge, expertise, sense of humor,  problem solving skills and endless patience were all invaluable!!

Big hug to all of you,

Cindy and Mike "


09/21/2016 Zillow - cindyp95


"Doug and his awesome team helped make happen the successful purchase of our new home. We even fought off a cash offer to get the home we wanted! Every piece of progress was a struggle with surprise hurdles all the way, but a total team effort resulted in success. All of Doug's and team's expertise,  experience, and hard work helped make our dream a reality."


11/23/2015 Zillow - kevinc727


"A special thank you to Doug and his team who have helped me through both the purchase and sale of a house here in Medford. Even though my budget was below $200,000 I received their specialized attention, encouragement and perseverance! …and thank you Cindy for your unwavering sense of humor!"


07/14/2015 Zillow - smkwea


"I had listed my house with Doug in mid-April. Doug and his team are all extremely professional, proactive and knowledgeable. Doug listened to me and worked with me in pricing my home. He kept me informed on all activity and offers that came in on a daily basis. I had seven offers at the end of  one week and was able to sell my home within 30 days of listing. Doug worked with me on choosing the right offer and throughout the closing process. Doug is a very astute realtor and that he has been in the real estate business for as long as he has been certainly helped "publicize" my property. I would recommend Doug Morse who is seeking a realtor who knows his stuff and truly cares about his clients first."


06/06/2015 Zillow - adecarlo16


"Doug and his staff were a pleasure to deal with regarding our home sale! We tried to sell our home on our own and didn't have much luck. As soon as we re listed it with Doug we started showing it right away and ended up with multiple offers."


03/12/2015 Zillow - mjmobilehomepark


"We have been looking 3+ years and finally found the right one... Doug has stayed with us the whole way and always glad to show us another one or two. The professionalism in which Doug operates, and that includes Leah, Amy and Cindy, is exemplary. If we ever buy or sell another home it will be with  Doug Morse!

All the best,

Paul & Lara "


07/28/2014 Zillow - paul776


"We recently listed and sold our home of 18 years with Doug and his amazing team. Before listing he met with us and gave an honest and accurate plan to get top dollar in this market. Four months, a lot of hard work and a small investment in updating later, our home sold for top asking price in  just one day!!! Doug and his friendly, caring team took care of every detail during escrow, and made what could have been a very stressful time as smooth as possible. I HIGHLY recommend Doug Morse and his team!!!"


07/27/2014 Zillow - tndlubonski


"My wife and I moved to the Medford, Oregon area in January 2014. Prior to that we had secured another realtor to assist with locating a home. It was a disaster. All this person did was talk and never listened to us. We wasted airfare out to find a home and were disgusted on the way back to ND.   Fortunately, we ran into a former coworker of my spouse and he had lived in Medford a few years back. He highly recommended Doug Morse to us since he had worked with him in previous years. Thank goodness. Doug continuously sent us housing information with pictures and videos day after day so we could sort through with our wants and needs. We moved out to Medford and spent 3 days driving around the area viewing homes and found the perfect home. During out time spent viewing, his staff was constantly on the computer and phone locating new homes to the market and relaying the information to Doug and us. Doug and his staff are the absolute best and I highly recommend them for your home buying experience."


05/05/2014 Zillow- wlkadrmas


"My wife and I moved to Southern Oregon in 1995 and that is when we bought our first home from Doug. He was by far the best realtor we had ever worked with. We were so pleased how knowledgeable he was and how smooth the transaction went. We have since used Doug to buy and sell real estate and so  have our children. If your looking for a fantastic realtor, look no more Doug is the one. Not only will you get a great realtor you will gain a fabulous friend."


11/07/2013 Zillow - pacjan1


"Doug is a great!  He knows the local area extremely well.  Is very responsive and has assembled a great team of professionals that he works with!  His knowledge of real estate and his work ethic make him a true professional. I have sold and bought homes from him and the process has been perfect."


07/06/2013  Zillow - user7278982


"Doug Morse ends his notes and letters with "Warmest regards" and that is just the perfect way we could describe our thoughts after buying and selling properties with Doug and his office staff. He is a get it done kind of guy with respect and consideration for all who are involved.

Warmest  regards,

Del and Vickie Hanson "


04/04/2013  Zillow - user5372707